Technical assistance: rely on professionals
Technical assistance has always been one of WADE's strengths: the availability of our team and the speed of our interventions distinguish us from the rest. Starting from the request for support, our experts carry out, by telephone or via remote connection, an in-depth analysis of the critical issues reported and proceed to rapidly identify the best possible solution. In the event that on-site intervention is required, our technicians are always ready to promptly reach the customer. Wherever you are in the world, trust the WADE professionals.
Preventive maintenance: keep your machines healthy
Performing effective maintenance is important in order to keep your production facilities up and running, thus protecting your investment in the long term. Leveraging on its strong technical assistance team, WADE can support you in keeping your machines healthy through periodic diagnostic visits and continuous remote monitoring. Our availability and flexibility allow us to meet your needs, optimizing intervention times so as to minimize production interruptions. Maximize the effectiveness of your investments: take care of your plants with WADE preventive maintenance.
Spare parts service: choose the original
WADE machines are among the most robust and long-lasting in the industry. But even then, normal wear require replacement of parts during production. Reliable supply of spare parts is key to easy and profitable operation of industrial goods. Our technicians are at your disposal for all the specific needs of your machines. In urgent cases, we deliver parts to customers as quickly as possible. In order to have a top performance over the years, make sure to use original WADE parts.
Technical training: get the most out of your plant
With high-performance machines, it is important that the operator is fully competent. In fact, it would be useless to manufacture the most productive machines on the market and then leave the customer unsure how to use them correctly. During each commissioning, WADE provides adequate training for the operator who will have to manage the machine. Not only that, WADE can offer an additional on-site technical training service at any time to help you manage the turnover of your staff. Make the most of your plant: instruct your operators with WADE technical training.
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